The School Day

IMG_9829The girls can arrive at school from 8.25am. If they need to arrive earlier than this the Early Birds Breakfast club opens at 7.45am.


For children attending the morning session only:

  • School day starts 8.45am
  • School day finishes 12 noon
  • Mid-morning snacks are served in the Nursery

Children attending both morning and afternoon sessions:

  • School day starts at 8.45am
  • School day finishes 3.20pm
  • Hot lunch is served at 12.00 noon in the dining room and mid-morning and afternoon snacks are served in the Nursery
  • Nursery finishes at 3.30pm

Rest of School

Before going into school the girls assemble on the playground where they line up when the bell goes at 8.35am.

  • 8.35am          Registration
  • 8.45am          Lesson 1
  • 9.45am          Lesson 2
  • 10.45am        Assembly (Tuesday’s only)
  • 11.00am        Break
  • 11.15am        Lesson 3
  • 12.00pm        Lunch (click here to download our lunch menus)
  • 1.00pm          Registration
  • 2.30pm          Break and outside play
  • 3.30pm          End of day for Nursery,  ReceptionInfants
  • 3.45pm          End of day for Juniors

Girls in the Lower School who have older sisters can wait until 3.30pm to be collected. There are some after school clubs on offer to the girls such as Ballet, French, Cookery or Spanish and before school Judo or Yoga at 8.00am.  Extended Day starts at 3.30pm and tea is served at 4.30pm in the Dining Room. They can then stay until 6.00pm when the school closes.

Food2Food Made Good

Our caterer, The Brookwood Partnership, is the only schools’ caterer with the top level 3 star ‘Food Made Good’ rating from The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). This ultimately means they are actually doing what is required to make a difference.

Having become the first schools’ caterer to ever achieve the top level rating, Brookwood has worked hard over the last twelve months to not only retain this rating, but to go even further by implementing new initiatives, as a mark of its commitment to providing healthy and sustainably sourced food for our pupils.

The SRA rating has been referred to, by The Sunday Times, as the ‘Michelin Stars of Sustainability’. Brookwood’s overall score was determined from an assessment of 14 key sustainability criteria. Brookwood increased its score in all areas.

Helping pupils to know more about healthy eating and where their food comes from led to a perfect (100%) score in the healthy eating section. Having launched several new and exciting curriculum-based initiatives such as Fisherman Finn, our caterer is helping pupils to know more about their food and ensure they eat a balanced and healthy diet.

The SRA particularly noted Brookwood’s approach to sourcing sustainable fish, ethical meat and dairy products. This positive approach is also regularly communicated to our pupils through marketing materials, interactive activities and assemblies.

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