Pastoral Care

img_0726Our pastoral care system is designed to support the stated aims of the school in encouraging all pupils to maximise their potential. This potential includes their academic, social, physical, spiritual, personal and emotional potentials. The pastoral care system aims to:

  • encourage pupils to be become responsible for their own personal and social development.
  • foster an environment where all pupils feel known, valued, cared for, safe, liked and respected.
  • offer sympathetic and supportive guidance to all pupils
  • include the whole community, whether teaching staff, support staff, parents or guardians or year group.

The class teacher is usually the first link in the chain of pastoral care at Highfield. She or he will have responsibility for the overall welfare of each child in their class. Teaching staff share information about the girls both formally and informally and the children are always at the top of meeting agendas. The class teacher has most contact with the parents of her class and tries to keep regular communication with parents through phone calls, emails or notes in the pupil diary. Parents are always welcome to meet with teachers at school if they have any concerns.

The classroom assistants contribute greatly to the pastoral life of the school and assist the class teachers in looking after the girls. Key workers in the Nursery and Reception classes are also a crucial part of this chain of care. All office staff are well-known to the girls and also take a real interest in their welfare and happiness. They are qualified first aiders and it is to them that the children turn when they are unwell or have cuts that need plasters.