Year 5 compose themes for the characters in the story of Aladdin and his lamp
Year 5 compose themes for the characters in the story of Aladdin and his lamp

It’s no surprise to hear Music as you walk down the corridors at Highfield – children singing, composing music, playing their instrument in a one-to-one lesson, working hard to perfect some two-part harmony in a choir rehearsal or performing a piece in the orchestra practice.  We love Music here – it is a part of our day and a part of our life at school.

We passionately believe that Music is an intrinsic ingredient of a rounded education.  That’s why every girl at Highfield receives a generous allocation of class music lessons, delivered by an experienced, specialist teacher.  In these lessons the children, from Nursery upwards, are taught a structured programme which incorporates elements of the Kodály system.  They are encouraged to develop their singing voices, rhythm and listening skills; they are taught to read and write simple notation; they love learning about the famous composers and hearing their music; music from around the world and times gone by is creatively taught and Music Technology is used by the older girls.

img_3157Music engages the mind, enriches the soul, and touches the heart.  We feel that the gift of Music should be experienced by every single girl, and the curriculum is inclusive with opportunities for all.   Girls are encouraged to learn an orchestral instrument (nearly 70% of Years 4-6 do so), and we are sure you will travel for miles before you find a flourishing prep school orchestra the size and range of ours.  Making music together is great fun and the orchestra is very popular!

The girls’ enthusiasm and joy is palpable in their performances, whether at local Music Festivals, Singing Days, our special Carol Service or the annual school concert.  There are so many opportunities to gain confidence and share music with each other!

choirYear 4 sign up excitedly to audition for the choir and nearly 80% of Years 4-6 are involved in this activity, developing their singing voices and experiencing choral training.  For the past three years our choir has won the silver medal at the Marlow Festival, showing a consistently high standard of achievement.

Individuals have gained Music Scholarships to Independent Preparatory and Senior Schools; Highfield girls have won medals in local music festivals for their solo performances, and the results of the Associated Board Music Examinations are peppered with merits and distinctions – a witness to the excellent teaching from our strong team of instrumental teachers.

Wonderful musical experiences can enrich and inspire your daughter’s life; we believe the journey starts here at Highfield.