First for Girls

We are experts in girls’ education, providing them with an exceptional platform to develop self-belief and confidence to succeed.

Highfield is a small and friendly school where we pay tremendous attention to each individual girl, supporting, nurturing and encouraging them.  We are a non-selective school where all abilities and gifts are catered for.

There are many reasons to choose an all girls’ school but the first must be that it is a place where girls take centre stage in every activity. We believe, that in the important primary years, girls learn best in girls’ schools. They learn by doing, listening, exploring and experimenting. Girls attending single sex schools are less likely to hold gender-stereotypical views about science subjects compared to pupils attending co-educational schools.  There are no fears to try new things, to say what they think and naturally fewer distractions.

Our girls express themselves freely and frequently and develop higher order thinking skills.  We create a culture of achievement and encourage the girls to develop greater self-confidence and broader interests.

In business and life, we need individuals who can manage change, articulate ideas and motivate people and girls learn all of these skills with confidence when educated in a single-sex environment.  The ability to deal with personal conflict, to control one’s emotions in the face of uncertainty and pressure; to motivate and manage one’s colleagues and peers; and, finally, to communicate one’s ideas and opinions concisely and convincingly.

Sport is another area where girls perform best when in a girl’s only environment, having the chance to try out all different types of sports.  Highfield Head of Physical Education, and former England Hockey Player, Ruth Young commented “Physical education is not only important for the girls’ health. It also enhances learning achievement, teamwork, resilience and psychosocial and motor development.  It’s for these reasons we take physical education seriously.  The girls love to compete and gain enormous amounts of confidence in the process”.

HighfieldPrepSchool_Yr6Success (3)Our girls achieve well beyond national expectations and move on to some of the best schools in the area at 11+, often achieving academic, sports and music scholarships. We believe they achieve this, not only due to our excellent teaching staff and resources, but because we are educating girls in a girls only environment.

The girls are given daily opportunities to explore, question, try, investigate, discover, apply and have fun! This all starts in the Nursery, which was graded excellent at inspection in 2013, where the girls learn to develop confidence and independence.

Fundamentally, we are specialists in teaching girls; we understand how they learn, how they play, how they develop friendships, and what they need to be successful.  This is something we are very proud of at Highfield Prep.

“We are absolutely delighted with the high standard of education that Emily received at Highfield.  She was challenged to reach her highest potential, particularly in maths, music, drama and sport.  Emily could not have been better prepared for senior school and leaves Highfield a happy, well-rounded, confident child who is looking forward to the challenges of secondary school.”  Mrs Roberts, 2016 Year 6 leaver parent.