At Highfield we instil a lifelong love of learning in our girls and foster curiosity and an enquiring mind.   We offer excellent opportunities for personal development and academic achievement encouraging the girls to develop their aspirations.

Our teachers encourage the girls’ curiosity and imagination at every stage of school life through a broad and exciting curriculum.  With this foundation the girls genuinely enjoy coming to school and are equipped with skills for an evolving society and global community.

At Highfield, academic excellence is integrated with fun learning opportunities that develop well-rounded girls who have the confidence to have a go with the belief that they can succeed.

From Year 4 to 6 they are taught by specialist teachers for English, Mathematics, Science, Music, ICT, Drama, PE and French.  The teachers adapt the curriculum so that it is tailored to their class and the girls’ specific needs and interests.  Highfield teaching is both inclusive and challenging, catering for all abilities.

Education though is so much more than academic success and preparation for examinations; it is about developing as a young learner, embracing opportunities and learning how to deal with challenges that life inevitably brings.