img_2342As the girls move up through the school they are encouraged to take on more responsibility and to develop their individual learning skills. In Year 3 the class teacher is responsible for teaching most of the curriculum. Specialist teachers are used for music, PE, swimming and French lessons.

The following year, as the girls move up to Year 4, they are taught the core curriculum by specialist teachers as well as in music, PE, swimming and French. In this way they are starting to prepare for secondary school where they will encounter many different teachers in a day. The girls also move around the school more and need to take more responsibility for bringing the right books to their lessons and being in the right room. In a small school this is not difficult but it is a good preparation for things that are to come.

DSC00587Every term the girls enjoy school visits to various locations associated with the topics they are studying. These visits are an important part of their learning and they greatly enhance what we can offer in the classroom. A variety of homework tasks is set every week to help the girls to work independently and to encourage them to develop good study habits.

In Year 3 the girls enjoy a day of outdoor learning which may involve water sports or other physical challenges. In Year 4 and 5 the girls have a 3 day residential visit to a study centre where they can enjoy climbing, biking and water sports. In Year 6 the girls spend a week away by the sea learning to surf, sail, abseil, climb and many more physical challenges.